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Why you should purchase from local independent funeral director rather than a third party supplier

Dodd & Reed Funeral Home and Adams-Reed Funeral Home has always subscribed to and practiced the highest form of Professional ethics and consumer oriented business decisions made locally in our community in which the owners and directors live and work.

In recent years we have seen the onset of business other than the local funeral director trying to infiltrate the burial merchandise market. We have seen the establishment of Casket stores and cemeteries selling caskets and vaults. 

It is our belief with based upon factual and knowledgeable information that you the consumer should contact your local independently owned funeral home before you purchase any burial merchandise from a casket store, cemetery, door to door salespersons or over the Internet. 

We believe you can make the purchase pre-need or at need from your local independent funeral director much less expensive than you can from a third party.

If you have been contacted by a cemetery salesperson or casket store and are considering the purchase of a casket or vault PLEASE take time to call us. The savings could be substantial. Funeral Homes are bound by stricter laws than cemeteries or casket stores. Your money is by far safer with your local funeral director than a cemetery or casket store because of stricter trusting requirements for pre-need sales. 

REMEMBER The Local Funeral Homes have been around for a long period of time. Locally owned and operated by, in many instances, your friend or neighbor. Well established businesses did not get that way by not adhering to sound business practices with you the consumer in mind. 

REMEMBER Only funeral directors can perform funeral services. Cemetery salesperson or casket store proprietors can not. The LOCAL FUNERAL DIRECTOR (Your friend and neighbor) will be the person you contact when you have a death in your family, locally or in a distant town, not the cemetery salesperson or casket store owner.. 

REMEMBER The more persons or businesses you involve the more the cost will likely be to you, the consumer. Yes you may save a little here or there but the overall expenditure will most likely be greater than it would be had you purchased everything from your local independent funeral director. 

REMEMBER Our funeral home has been in business since 1933. How long has the cemetery salesperson been employed or casket store been in business. How many owners has those businesses had in recent years. What qualifications or training do these persons have? Are they licensed by the State of West Virginia as Funeral Directors and Embalmers. Do they regularly attend continuing education classes to keep them, abreast of new techniques and changes of the state laws?

With all these things in mind, the choice is obvious that, if you are considering pre-need, you should contact your LOCAL Funeral Home to assist you and your family with this most delicate task.

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